Birthday Party for the Ocean

Dearest Mss. Annie and Geddes,

Last Saturday, November 16th, my friend Amy and I had a most delightful evening celebrating the Ocean's birthday. Thank you very much for including us in the celebration.

Incidentally, I had a shrine to the ocean ready and waiting in my apartment. Years ago, when Grandma Jane traveled to Italy, she brought back this spectacular faux fountain fish sculpture. Naturally, I had to install it in my new Atlanta apartment, thinking it would be a pleasant reminder of the ocean that I miss so much.

There is something you must know about my friend and classmate Amy. She studies ancient Egyptian art, and strange and wonderful esoteric occurrences seem to accrue in the wake of her footsteps. We suspect that she saw a ghost in the cemetery near our apartments, and she regularly finds playing cards on her walks around our sector of suburban Atlanta.

On Friday night, before I invited Amy to join in the celebration of the Ocean's birthday, half-sick, she found herself huddled in her apartment drawing mermaids! It was as if she already knew that there were only two nights left to celebrate the Ocean's birthday.

Requiring no explanation, not missing a beat, Amy showed up to the Ocean's birthday party wearing a blue scarf she bought in Alexandria because it looked like the color of the Mediterranean sea. A perfect adornment for our ocean shrine.

We celebrated the Ocean's birthday by drinking Whiskey (Jura brand, appropriately distilled on an island), and a shot was poured into the basin of the faux fish fountain in honor of the Ocean. Then we drank more whiskey.

The next morning, Amy dropped by for some French toast, and we decided that Sunday brunch might as well be an addition to the Ocean's birthday festivities. My look of anger in this photo was directed at our classmate Ed who flaked out at the last minute. Thus he was not able to partake in our full moon Ocean birthday brunch.

We are both greatly honored to have had the opportunity to add our humble festivities to the network of events in honor of the Ocean's birthday!

Yours Truly,