Birthday Party for the Ocean
Crandon Park, Key Biscayne, FL
An illustrated story from Rustin Levenson:
Driving to the party
At the park
Siobhan Morrisey, fellow celebrant
Making party hats for the fish
For example
More hats
Getting ready to celebrate
Very exciting
Homemade cookies, party hats
Siobhan sets up the party guests.
"Isn't this fun?"
"I like your hat."
Happy Birthday, Ocean.
Debbie from New York City comes by.
Shadows getting longer.
The police help celebrate. Richard Diaz, Kevin Akeslitis, Gianni La Rosa, Rodrigo De La Luz, Marcos A. Gonzolez
Another guest
Heading home, tired and happy.
The story of the party, as told by Siobhan Morrisey:
A B-day for Mother Ocean
Time to decorate.
B-day supplies
Here we go!
Rusty the Land Shark
Rusty Writing a B-day Greeting to the Ocean
Two Friends Celebrate
The Fish in All Their Finery
The Fish and Tall Shadows
Another View
A Wave Comes In
The Wave Crashes into Surf
Humanoids Invade the Party
A Humanoid Runs By
Two Colorful Humanoids
Near Sundown
Seaweed in the Foreground
Rusty Enters the Picture
A View from the Sea
Another View from the Sea
Ocean View
Two Pals
Debbie Cordova
Cops and Such
Waiting for the Sargeant
The Gang